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On 22 March 1911, Dr Gulick chaired a meeting "to consider ways and means of doing for the girls [nationally] what the Boy Scout movement is designed to do for boys." This meeting also selected the name Camp Fire Girls for the organization.Participants included William Langdon, Ernest Thompson Seton's first wife Grace, Dan Beard's sister Lina, and James West (BSA Chief Scout Executive).And Scouting founder Baden-Powell thought highly of the Boys Brigade, and counted Boys Brigade founder William Smith as a good friend.Boys Brigade/Girls Brigade—The UK-based Boys Brigade is a forerunner to Scouting, and was founded in Scotland in 1883 by Sir William Smith.These organizations pre-date Scouting, and hence were doing "Scout-like" activities before there was Scouting.German Scouting owes much to, and has much in common with, the Wandervogel movement.

It's interesting that in the US, those organizations that compete with the Girl Scouts of the USA typically feel that GSUSA is too liberal, and tend to be conservative and often Christian only, while those organizations that compete with the Boy Scouts of America typically feel that BSA is too conservative, and tend to be liberal and to stress their inclusivity. Camp Fire—Camp Fire is a non-denominational, inclusive, US-only program started almost immediately after the Boy Scouts in 1910 (17 March).The Frontier Girls uniform is a white shirt, navy blue bottoms (skirt, pants, shorts, blue jeans without holes, etc), and a vest with insignia (red vest for girls, navy blue for leaders, royal blue for Owls).I have not been able to find an annual report or indication of their membership numbers.At the same time in Thetford, Vermont, poet and historian William Chauncy Langdon coined the name 'Camp Fire Girls' for the girls who were participating in a historical pageant he was leading (the local Boy Scouts were also involved in the pageant).Langdon also created three ranks of achievement for the girls: Wood Gatherers, Fire Makers, and Torch Bearers.

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