Validating user input java

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Bean Shell is a Traditionally, the primary difference between a scripting language and a compiled language has been in its type system: the way in which you define and use data elements.

You might be thinking that there is a more obvious difference here - that of "interpreted" code vs. But the compiler in and of itself does not fundamentally change the way you work with a language.

There is a lot of important software that exists in the world today only because the cost/benefit ratio in some developer's mind reached a certain threshold.

Unit testing - one of the foundations of writing good code - is a prime example.

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Bean Shell executes standard Java statements and expressions but also extends Java into the scripting domain with common scripting language conventions and syntax.

Unit tests for well written code are, in general, vitally important as a collective but almost insignificant individually.

It's a "tragedy of the commons" that leads individual developers to repeatedly weigh the importance of writing another unit test with working on "real code".

It can be especially tedious during certain kinds of development or special applications where it is flexibility and not program structure that is paramount.

There are times where simplicity and ease of use is a more important criterion.

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