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' Usually it is a young 'teenage' girl avatar and her 'daddy.'" Another player, known in the virtual world as "Usagi Musashi," said that when pretending to work in a virtual sex club in "Second Life," she often saw child avatars trying to pick up adult avatars."One day in the welcome area, I saw one child" avatar, Musashi said."We've tried very, very hard not to broadly ban role-playing type behaviors," Harper said, "because when all is said and done, the ability to try new behaviors and try new things out is a big reason people are in virtual worlds." Still, it's not clear how often people are engaging in age-play types of pretend behavior.But two "Second Life" players told CNET about their experiences witnessing sexual or sexually charged age-play.

, what people consider to be acceptable may have its limits."Second Life" requires all players to be adults--and acts to remove anyone it can prove is underage. And Linden Lab states categorically that it has zero tolerance for exploitation of actual children, such as uploaded images, in "Second Life" and will act quickly against anyone engaged in such behavior.When "we have evidence of child pornography or abuse that involves children in the real world..will act to protect the child and notify the authorities," Robin Harper, Linden Lab vice president of community development wrote in a posting on the official "Second Life" forum (free subscription required)."It would not be (illegal) under child pornography laws because no actual child was used in the act," said Jack Balkin, a professor of constitutional law at Yale Law School and an expert on legal issues surrounding virtual worlds."Child pornography laws receive special treatment under the First Amendment because children are sexually abused and people traffic in the results of that abuse." This does not apply in the age-play situation, he said.

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