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Reconstructions can have the same effect; incorporating elements into the old-school storytelling can make the genre look new again.Usually seen as a good thing, although there are genre fans who will feel negatively about it.“You’re surrounded by sagebrush and sky.” Also just outside city limits lies the productive farmland of the Yellowstone Valley.

Back then this shopping district was a cen-ter of commerce for ranchers who traveled from hundreds of miles away.

"I thought that the business, the industry, the presentation needed to change in the same way that music had changed, because music was all about Poison and Mtley Cre and Winger and all these hair bands, and then along came Nirvana, and BAM! So in the same way, I thought wrestling needed to change, in that wrestling had become the equivalent of hair bands, and we needed wrestling's version of Nirvana to come along and just shake everything up."While a Wham Episode can change a single series forever...

sometimes, something comes out that permanently alters an entire genre.

Harman is the executive chef and owner of Fieldhouse, a farm-to-table bistro that opened in 2012.

The menu he’s put together features cheeses from farms all over the state, bison from South Dakota’s Wild Idea Buffalo, and vegetables from Kate’s Garden and CSA in downtown Billings. “We’re experimenting as we go along.” Harman, who has sleeve tattoos and an earring, is just one of a growing number of local entrepreneurs who are pushing Billings into a new era.

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