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She is always an optimist, with an infectiously carefree attitude and joie de vivre.

The extremely sensitive 15-year-old boy feeling at odds with the world is her opposite.

It gets closer as villagers headed by Alma, a young stubborn woman who believes they can survive, tries to find their way out of poverty by selling plum jam and other fruits and vegetables their village is famous for on a deserted road. A portrait of a messy world in which everyone scrape by as best they can, looking for love, for something to remember or to forget.

More From the 2008 Beijing olympic games to the avant-guard art scene, new chinese talent is heating up audiences around the world.

They persevere as they are challenged by the forces of Mother Nature and the tough, inhospitable sand dunes of northern Brazil, which play pivotal roles in their lives.

More Madeinusa is a girl aged 14 who lives in an isolated village in the Cordillera Blanca Mountain range of Peru.

He is misunderstood by his father and his stepmother, a worldly and haughty woman who is capable of true feelings only on the verge of death. A man on a motorbike, razor blade in hand, prowls the streets of Tunis slashing women's buttocks.

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Fausta now sets out on a journey – a journey that will lead her out of her fear and into freedom.More Ken Bugul is a Senegalese writer who lives in Africa, where her soul is anchored. Silvia Voser’s film shows her as an iconic figure of the female condition and of relationships between Africa and the West.Ken Bugul is considered one of the most brilliant writers in Senegalese and French of these past decades.During the two holy days sin does not exist: God is dead and can't see what is happening.Everything is accepted and allowed, without remorse.

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