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See Value Representations for definitions of the VR items.

Between 20, only 9 SERS sites were announced, total 7570 flats.

Odd numbered groups can be defined by users of the file format, but must conform to the same structure as standard elements. The following table lists the DICOM attributes organized by attribute name.

This information comes from the 2001 NEMA DICOM Standard (

At this rate, 285 years are required to replace all 241343 flats built between 19.

It is obvious that SERS is highly selective and only a small amount of these flats will be selected for redevelopment. News: since 24 September 2017 I added prediction for SERS for EVERY block in HDB map so please stop disturbing me with questions “can block X get SERS”.

These two point blocks are 25-storeys high with a total of 192 units of 5-room sold flats.

Some of the owner-occupied blocks built up to 1980 are selected for SERS residents are rehoused in new blocks built in nearby location, to maintain community.

Just click the block icon on map and see the answer!

* A completed site is one where all residents have vacated their sold flats.

Due to this reason, is no longer viable for HDB to redevelop old blocks, number of new SERS sites announced dropped dramatically.

Between 20, only 9 SERS sites were announced, total 7570 flats.

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